Our Vision

Our Vision is a world of total freedom, a world of religious tolerance, and a world held in balance because man and woman have evolved to the point that we no longer feel threatened by others and no longer feel a need to dominate and control each other, but instead respect, honor, learn, and grow from one another.

We will build stability in our community by starting at the county level and getting our County Sheriffs and District Attorney’s to abide by the Constitution and protect and defend The People. From there we will grow with all law enforcement and bring about the stability of true Law and Order as presented to us by our founding documents that created this nation.

We will do this by standing upon the very same foundation that our Founders stood on ideologically, which is the concept and understanding of our Natural Rights. In the founding documents of this country it is clear that the key concept was that “governments are instituted among men by the consent of the governed in order to Protect these Natural Rights”.

We are here to encourage, remind, support, and defend this proper role of government as well as rekindle this spirit… this essential understanding of who we are as a people, as a nation, back in the hearts, minds, and souls of “We The People”.