Principle #1 Be the Change You Want to See

We believe, first and foremost, that we must “be the change we wish to see in the world”.

Principle #2 Where Liberty, Freedom and the Right to Be Free Comes From

Our premise is the same philosophical premise our country was founded on, which is the understanding of and declaration of Natural Rights.

What this means to us is that the TRUE reason our country is the greatest country the world has ever seen, as well as the only experiment for TRUE liberty in the entire history of the modern world, is because of the answer to one critical question our founders asked themselves before they constructed our government.

That question was, “Where do our Rights come from?”

For our Founders the answer to that question was that it comes from our Creator. It comes from the force in the universe that created everything.

It DOES NOT come from:

  • A King
  • A President
  • The Masses
  • The Majority
  • The Government
  • A Court of Law
  • Any Other Human Being
  • Or From a Document (Not Even our Founding Documents)

Our Rights are Self -Evident and they in fact come from our Creator.

Principle #3 A Constitutional Republic with a Bill of Rights, Not a Democracy

We embrace and believe that our country, was founded first and foremost as a Constitutional Republic and not a Democracy. Democracy exists within the Republic, but we believe the most important reason why the United States has been the greatest experiment in freedom the world has ever seen is because we are a Republic, not a Democracy, and because we have legal protection for the minority from the majority.

In America, it does not matter what 51% think, the other 49% have certain Inalienable Rights that cannot be infringed upon. This, we believe, is the key tenant that creates “Justice For All…” in our nation and why we have been seen by others as the “Shining City Upon the Hilltop”.

In recent times people have been fooled all over the world into believing that Democracy is the greatest thing that has ever happened and is apparently why America became so great, because it is the greatest Democracy.

Actually, as we see it, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The reason we believe America is so great and has been so great is because we are the greatest Republic the world has ever seen and we explicitly lay out a Bill of Rights in our Constitution to refrain the government from infringing upon certain inalienable rights that every individual in our society has.

In fact, it is this legal protection from the majority that makes America so great. The Bill of Rights in the US Constitution is what we see as the true source for America’s greatness and why America has achieved all that it has in the world today.

The fact that we have a document that protects the rights of the individual from the majority and from our own government and that document is seen as the highest law of the land, that is what we believe makes America great.

Principle #4 Tolerance, Humility, and Compassion

We believe in being wrong. We believe in humility. We believe in hearing the other side. We believe in tolerance. We believe in Your Right to disagree with us. We believe we are correct in our thinking, but we are always willing to hear the other side and honor and recognize our differences as well as learn from our mistakes and admit when we are in error.

To learn we have made an error is an opportunity to grow. We embrace that opportunity and have compassion for those we disagree with.